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Cable harness for TLF_25_1_SL ropes, to be used on SuperPuma helicopters of the Federal Police

Image The cable harness was designed and manufactured by A&H EQU according to our customer’s specifications. The short length of the firefighting rope keeps the control head of the helicopter bucket away from the primary cargo hook. Therefore, the cable harness must be equally short and, at the same time, flexible. Naturally, the electric cables are in conformity with the usual specifications (e.g. AWG 18 and AWG 10), as are the plug and socket.

Technical data
TLF_25_1_SL: WLL 25 kN
Rope length without accessories: 860 mm
Fittings: compliant with AS332/EC215/EC225
Lower fitting: LHW-10-10 (interface to shackle)
Length of cable harness: 1880 mm
Total weight: 7.0 kg 
Rope, fittings, protective sheathing and cable harness are also available individually. FC 2019-06-12

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